Eighteen members of the Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PSOPRS) attended the 32nd Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress held at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore from March 1-5, 2017. The Philippine delegates, together with the other members of the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery (APSOPRS), organized brief lectures and short courses for the Orbit and Lacrimal symposium of the APAO Congress.

Among the invited lecturers for the APAO Congress were two members of the PSOPRS, Prof. Reynaldo M. Javate and Dr. Raoul Paolo D. Henson. Prof. Javate shared his surgical techniques on the use of the endocanalicularscope for lacrimal disease. Dr. Javate was the first surgeon to introduce the use of the microendoscope for lacrimal outflow obstructions in South East Asia. Dr. Henson, a speaker for the APSOPRS symposium during the congress, gave some important points on the assessment of patients with thyroid-related eye disease.

Four PSOPSRS members also shared their techniques in botulinum toxin administration during the APAO Congress instruction course. Dr. Armida L. Suller discussed the types and preparation of botulinum toxin available in the market. Dr. Felice Katrina T. Ranche and Dr. Mary Rose L. Pe-Yan discussed the periorbital functional applications of botulinum toxin and cosmetic applications of botulinum toxin to the upper face, respectively. Dr. Alexander D. Tan gave a talk on how to incorporate botulinum toxin in clinical practice.

The PSOPRS continues to participate in various learning activities and scientific meetings, both locally and internationally, in its aim to provide continuous professional development among its members and increase the quality of care for oculoplastic, orbital, and lacrimal patients in the country.


The author would like to thank Prof. Reynaldo Javate, Dr. Raoul Henson, Dr. Mary Rose Pe-Yan, Dr. Ma. Donna Santiago, Dr. Marco Tumalad, and Dr. Jose Antonio Paulino for the photos.

Speakers for the APAO Instruction Course on the periorbital applications of botulinum toxin type A. From left to right: Dr. Alexander Tan, Dr. Armida Suller, Dr. Felice Katrina Ranche, and Dr. Mary Rose Pe-Yan.

PSOPRS delegates at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore. FRONT ROW (from left): Dr. Alex Sua, Dr. Ma. Donna Santiago, Dr. Mary Rose Pe-Yan, Dr. Reynaldo Javate, Dr. Alexander Tan, and Dr. Raoul Henson. SECOND ROW (from left): Dr. Christine Therese Santos, Dr. Armida Suller, Dr. Mark Anthony Imperial, Dr. Charmaine Ang, Dr. Fatima Regala, Dr. Joane Hernandez, Dr. Gary John Mercado, Dr. Felice Katrina Ranche, and Dr. Joseph Maylem Ranche.

PSOPRS members at the APAO Congress. FRONT ROW (from left): Dr. Charmaine Ang, Dr. Mary Rose Pe-Yan, Dr. Raoul Henson, Dr. Reynaldo Javate, and Dr. Alex Sua. SECOND ROW (from left): Dr. Gary John Mercado, Dr. Felice Katrina Ranche, Dr. Franklin Kleiner, Dr. Marco Tumalad, Dr. Yvette Marie Santiago, and Dr. Fatima Regala.

PSOPRS delegates with the APSOPRS members and international speakers at the APAO Congress.

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