Recently, last Sept 3, 2017 at the Le Meridien Hotel, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery in collaboration with the Asian Orbito-facial Symposium, the International Society of Stem Cell and Aesthetic Medicine and the Chinese Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons has organized its 35th Congress comprising of a diverse coverage of academic, innovative surgical and non-surgical techniques alike. On the horizon of rejuvenation and total wellness, the International Stem cell and Aesthetic Medicine held its 5th Symposium showcasing its updates, advances and practical application in aesthetic practice.

Our ASEAN Colleagues in Orbit, Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery such as Dr. Yip Chee Chew ( Tan Tock Seng, Singapore ) , Dr. Seah Lay Leng ( SNEC, Singapore ) and Dr. Yang Suk Woo ( Catholic University , Korea )are part of the organizing committee of this regular annual event.

It is with great privilege that three of our PSOPRS Members were invited and took part by imparting their knowledge and expertise in this symposium. All 3 completed their PLO fellowships in Singapore.

Dr. Jo Anne Hernandez Tan
Institution: Cardinal Santos Medical Center
E-mail: joannehernandezmd@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +639175961880

Lectured on “ New Paradigms in Orbito-facial Evaluation of the Aesthetic Patient” dwelling on anatomic key features and proportions related to special concerns of the aesthetic patient that can be crucial to the end result of any aesthetic orbito-facial procedure. Listening to the patient’s concerns were stressed and how it is important in attaining a positive surgical outcome for both the patient and the surgeon.

Reviewing old photos and photo documentation are useful tools during the stage of surgical planning patient to clearly delineate the goals and expectations of the patient.

Dr. Mark Anthony Imperial
Institution: St. Luke's Medical Center Global City Philippines, Asian Hospital & Medical Center Philippines
E-mail: markimperial@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +639175013353

Dr. Imperial touched on particular details that described “ Finesse In Techniques of Upper lid Blepharoplasty “. Aside from mentioning the points of evaluating a patient for functional and basic blepharoplasty, he shared and expounded his expertise in the ways of doing blepharoplasty ( Blade and CO2 Laser ). Based on years of practice, he shared the Pearls in achieving an almost perfect blepharoplasty technique without complications and giving advise to avoid red flags or complications during and after the procedure has been completed.

Dr. Christine Therese Santos
Institution: Makati Medical Center, Philippines, The Aivee Institute, Manila
E-mail: xtinemd73@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +639178970908

Was tasked to speak on “Optimizing the Use of Botulinum Toxin for Facial Rejuvenation“

In the armamentarium of facial rejuvenation, utilizing Botulinum toxin has become the most frequently performed non-surgical alternative followed by fillers, dermal Lasers or in combination.

Its cosmetic, off label use was first described in literatures since 1992. She expounded on many techniques and possibilities of its application that continue to evolve such as a temporary brow lift or a mini facelift. Aside from discussing innovative techniques, she also discussed Avoiding unwanted side effects and complications. No matter how advance one can be, salient key points such as drug preparation and its effects, patient selection, facial musculature and action including the principles of injection techniques should always be called to mind by any physician or aesthetician when using this marvel toxin.

Welcome reception Sept 2, 2017 with the Chinese Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Yang Suk Woo, Dr. Yip Chee Chew, Dr. Lee Hae Young,Dr. Michael Pasquale

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