The 6th ASEAN Ophthalmology Society (AOS) Congress in conjunction with the Annual Congress of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO) was held at the SMX Convention Center, Manila Philippines last October 18 – 20, 2023. Of the 10 members of the AOS, the Philippines takes the lead as this year’s host, with nearly 2,000 registrants, it’s the biggest event for Ophthalmology in the country this 2023.

Scientific sessions across all subspecialties in Ophthalmology were organized throughout the 3-day event, with the theme ‘Global Trends Through a Regional Perspective’. The congress comprised of 41 scientific symposia, 197 lectures, delivered by 70 international and 64 local speakers.

The Philippine Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PSOPRS) held it’s Telemedicine in Oculoplastics Symposia on the first day of the congress, October 18. Chaired by Dr. Christine Santos (Philippines, PH) and Dr. Krin Sreypeou (Cambodia). Dr. Ronald Joseph Tan (PH) opened the session with his lecture Reviews of Current Best Practices and Clinical Experience, followed by lectures on Telemedicine: How I Do it in my Setting from respective experiences of Dr. Alexander Tan (PH) and Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong (Thailand). To cap the session, Dr. Yasser Khan, from Canada delivered his advanced talk online on Aritificial Intelligence Clinic.

Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong from Thailand on her lecture Telemedicine: How I Do It In My Setting

Speakers and panelists of the PSOPRS Scientific Session Telemedicine in Oculoplastics: Dr. Alex Tan, Dr. Christine Santos, Dr. Krin Sreypeou, Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong and Dr. Roland Tan

The annual PSOPRS Business Meeting was subsequently held, with Dr. Yvette Santiago-Gatmaitan and the rest of the Executive Committee. They presented the activities for the year and planned future endeavors. The new Fellows of the society: Dr. Emmanuel Boniao, Dr. Lorenzo Cancio, Dr. Alex Gungab, Dr. Theresa Fernando-Chan, and Dr. Patricia Ann Tecson-Diaz, were presented by Dr. Honeylen Teo, PSOPRS Secretary, and welcomed by all the members.

Dr. Yvette Santiago-Gatmaitan presiding the annual PSOPRS Business Meeting

The next PSOPRS symposia took place on Day 3 of the congress, with another all-star cast of panelists and lecturers. The session on Thyroid Eye Disease was chaired by PSOPRS President, Dr. Yvette Santiago-Gatmaitan, and Dr. Thorn Pok (Cambodia). Featured lectures were Updates in the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Eye Disease by Dr. Honeylen Teo, and various regional perspectives on it’s management Thyroid Eye Disease: How I do it in My Setting, from Dr. Mary Rose Pe-Yan (PH), Dr. Krin Sreypeou (Cambodia), and Dr. Susan Freitag (USA).

Discussions at the scientific session on Thyroid Eye Disease, with Dr. Yvette Santiago-Gatmaitan and Dr. Thorn Pok as chairs of the session and Dr. Susan Freitag from USA

Dr. Andrei Angbue-Te presenting his lecture on Updates in the Diagnosis of Eyelid Malignancies

Dr. Mark Anthony Imperial, Vice-President of PSOPRS, together with Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong (Thailand) chaired the third Scientific Symposia of PSOPRS on Eyelid Malignancies. Updates in the Diagnosis of Eyelid Malignancies were presented by Dr. Andrei Angbue-Te (Philippines), followed by talks on Eyelid Malignancies: How I do it in my Setting from distinguished speakers Dr. Katrina Felice Ranche (Philippines), Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong (Thailand), Dr. Thorn Pok (Cambodia), Dr. Sunny Shen (Singapore). It was an impressive feat to showcase the current trends and perspectives of Oculoplastic surgeons from around the globe, on the management of these common and challenging orbit and eyelid conditions.

Dr. Felice Katrina Ranche of UP-PGH giving her talk on Eyelid Malignancies: How I Do It In My Setting. Chairs of the session are Dr. Mark Anthony Imperial and Dr. Sunisa Sintuwong.

Dr. Alex Sua, Dr. Franklin Kleiner, Dr. Felica Katrina Ranche and Dr. Honeylen Teo at the Free Papers Session

After the annual Business Meeting. PSOPRS at the AOS-PAO Congress 2023.

Photo Acknowledgements: Dr. Jo Anne Hernandez-Tan, Dr. Felice Katrina Ranche, Dr. Andrei Angbue-Te, Dr. Emmanuel Boniao

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